Chorus Age is an ambient sound toy and artificial life sim. It's a world in which life eats, breeds, fights and dies with sound. As an ever-changing eco-system, it can be left running to generate music, or you can alter the environment with the Touch of Life or Death.

The organisms of Chorus Age generate sound with everything they do, running autonomously as part of a simple food chain. The creatures only eat when they're hungry, and breed when they're fed. Sound is also generated by the land, in the form of drones and bass-lines which respond to the state of the eco-system.

The project is also free to evolve - unlike other sound toys I've made which were considered finished by the time they were published to the web, I'd like to update this world with new organisms, behaviours or events. As always though, I'm keen to keep it very simple. Next update should include improved hunting/avoidance AI, and possibly a much darker palette.