Whitevinyl is the visual work of Luke Twyman.

I freelance in graphic design, illustration and web/interactive design, and I’m based in Brighton UK. As well as client work I always have several personal projects on the go, and the rest of the time I spend making/recording music.

For work enquiries, or to say hello (I’m also up for some collabs right now) email me at info@whitevinyldesign.com

Right now I’m looking to steer my work more into the areas of science and informal education, if you’re a museum, science body/publication or educator, please consider getting in touch, thanks. If you’re an agency/studio, you’re welcome to get in touch but if you have banks/oil companies/other mega-corporations on your client roster, I’m not likely to be interested.

My work has been featured on arts/design sites such as The Fox is Black, Information is Beautiful, Creative Review, Swiss Miss, Design Week, .Net Mag, Creative Bloq, HUH Magazine, Creative Arts Journal and Visual.ly, as well as on science/tech/news sites such as PopSci, Cool Hunting, BuzzFeed, The Washington Post, Radiolab, io9, NPR, Laughing Squid, Gizmodo and Fast Company.
SolarBeat was one of the most shared sites on StumbleUpon, and I’m probably most proud of it getting shout-outs from several departments at over at NASA, including Hubble.