Ninja Tune

Web, Music, Visual, Type, Glitch, Animation

NINJA TUNE 2017 is an end of year round up site, showcasing many of the iconic record labels' releases from throughout the year. The site features distinct custom animations, kinetic type and warping/glitch effects.


Web, Music, Visual, Exploration, Web Audio API, THREE.js

YUME is an interactive web experience created to promote the album 'Yume' by ambient artist Helios. Floating rock shards become tactile music controllers, which also manipulate the environment. Different scenes can be freely explored, each one with a different feel/sound.


Bot, Generative, Audio, Visual, Art, Narrative, Node.js

ARP is a fictional radio telescope observatory. It’s a Twitter & SoundCloud bot which procedurally generates audio, data visualisations, and the tweets (and occasionally long-exposure photography) of an astronomer/research scientist who works at ARP, who is obsessive over the audio messages, and who runs the observatory’s Twitter account.


Web, Audio, Data, Science, Art, Web Audio API

SOLARBEAT is an interactive data visualisation (and sonification). It uses the real orbital frequencies of the major bodies of our solar system, and uses them to generate an endless melody as each planet plays a note with each orbit. Visitors can adjust the speed of time, as well as change audio effects and which musical scale is used.

Petrels / Bolt

Illustration, Print, Artwork, Graphic, Packaging

Vinyl packaging artwork and design for this split 10-inch featuring Petrels and [ B O L T ]. Released on Aentitainment.


Web, Audio, Interaction, Synth, Web Audio API

BLOKDUST is a web-based environment for music, instrument & sound creation. It allows users create music, synths and sound-art right in the browser, in an intuitive visual way. Once you’ve made something cool with it, you can generate a unique URL to share with your friends.

Flora Drift

Web, Audio, Interaction, Generative, Art, Web Audio API

FLORA DRIFT is an interactive web experience which procedurally generates music on the fly, as well as generating an animated jungle/garden scene every 2 bars of music. Visitors can join in with a couple of inbuilt synth instruments - the Space Pan and Lazer Harp.

Here is Today

Web, Visual, Data, Science, Art, Graphic, Geology

HERE IS TODAY is an interactive data visualisation which takes a look at the span of all time since the universe began, and illustrates its vast scale, as well as our own small place within it - starting with today.

World Food Clock

Web, Data, Visual, Science, Art, Graphic

WORLD FOOD CLOCK is an interactive data visualisation which demonstrates global food production and waste over time. Every second that passes, the visualisation updates to show how much food has been produced, consumed and wasted in the time that you've spent on the site.


Illustration, animation, graphic, art, loop, .gif

A series of looped animations and illustrations created for a visual interview. The images combine vectors, hand-drawn elements and real-world textures. See the full interview here.

Luke Twyman

Design, code, graphics, audio, illustration

I'm a freelance creative designer & developer based in Brighton UK. Right now I’m mainly doing interactive music sites, data-visualisation, procedural generation & other experimental projects. Get in touch for work enquiries, or to say hello (I’m also up for collabs right now).

My work has been featured by The Creators Project, Information is Beautiful, Creative Review, Design Week, .Net Mag, HUH Magazine, Creative Arts Journal, PopSci, Wired, BuzzFeed, The Washington Post, Radiolab, io9, NPR, Gizmodo and Fast Company.